Preview – The Health Detectives

Cherry Healey - Health Detectives

Truth and trust in information sources available via the internet is at its lowest ebb, so it is refreshing to have a show like The Health Detectives that takes a look at some of the outlandish health claims that bubble away on the web.

With over 160 million health related internet searches carried out every year worldwide, we find ourselves bombarded with information about our bodies. With access to cutting-edge experiments and medical expertise, presenters Cherry Healey (pictured above), Dr Pixie McKenna and health journalist Dara Mohammadi are determined to separate fact from fiction, finding answers to questions like ‘could cheesy feet save your life?, ‘did the internet create a phobia?’ and ‘are faecal transplants the future?’

The Health Detectives – Monday 8.00pm on Channel 4.