Preview – The House that £100k Built

Piers Taylor - The House that 100K Built

The fantasy of building your own home is one that resides in many but for the majority, the dream will never become a reality. There are a few however, that jump at the chance, and architectural journalist and critic Kieran Long and award winning architect Piers Taylor are following self-builders in the news series of The House That £100k Built.

In the first episode Piers and Kieran head to Northern Ireland to meet Alistair and Karen. The couple are desperate for a mortgage-free life and have invested everything they have into building a family home in the countryside, near to where Alistair spent his youth.

With Alistair having been diagnosed with MS, the house must not only provide as a place to raise their son but a home that will accommodate his worsening condition.

 As the couple desperately try to keep the build on budget, Piers must help the family make the most of every part of the house offering, clever space suggestions and working with just a £10,000 budget, transform their kitchen into a space for the whole family.

Having invested life and soul into the house, will the couple be able to make their dream a reality and create a home that will secure their future?

The House that £100k Built, Wednesday, 8pm – BBC Two