Preview – The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2

Time to suit up; the Incredibles crash back onto screens this week on Sky Premiere.

It’s been a long time coming for fans of the original film but, at long last, viewers are reunited with the Parr family in Brad Bird’s highly-anticipated 2018 sequel.

Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter once again lend their voices to super-powered parents Mr. and Mrs. Incredible while fellow returnee Sarah Vowell and newbie Huckleberry Milner become their two kids, Violet and Dash. The film’s writer and director, Brad Bird, reprises his bit-part role as Edna Mode alongside the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, who appears as fellow-superhero Frozone. Finally, rounding off the main cast are franchise newcomers Bob Odenkirk – formerly of Breaking Bad fame – and Catherine Keener, who appear as the enigmatic billionaire twins Winston and Evelyn Deavor.

After losing government support and the trust of the wider public, the Parr family – and wider superhero community – find their livelihood disappearing from under their noses. When a billionaire businessman approaches the family with an offer designed to put superheroes back on the map, Helen Parr is cast back into the fray as the poster girl of the the new initiative, leaving her husband, Bob, to face his greatest challenge yet; fatherhood. But when other famous supers start disappearing and a mysterious new villain surfaces, the family are called back into the line of duty to save a society which no longer wants them.

Will the powers of good win the day, or will the nefarious Screensaver put end to superheroes forever?

The Incredibles 2 – Wednesday 6:00pm on Sky Premiere.