Preview – The Island: With Bear Grylls

the island

If, like me, you’re a fan of the channel 4 series, you’ll know that the general idea of the show is as follows: group gets dropped on a desert island and is thrust into a sruvival situation – of which the first few days serve as a frankly embarassing learning curve for them – before actually managing, mostly, to make a feasible home amongst the barren beaches and jungle undergrowth of the island.

This season however, like the past two, has something of a gimmick which the stirs tensions and tests the islanders more – season two had a boys vs girls dynamic, while season 3 had an “old” group pitted against their younger counterparts. This season then, the producers of the TV show have gone for a class divide with one group of survivors being selected from working-class families while the other are middle/ upper classed – one can only imagine that as they exhaust their list of divisive gimmicks, how long will it be before they choose a regional or racial divide as the spark for their entertainment tinderbox.

To be fair to the show, that does feel like nitpicking and to its merit, The Island has an extremely interesting permise and provides decent, easy-to-follow entertainment.


The Island: With Bear Grylls – Monday 9:00pm on Channel 4