Preview – The Island: With Bear Grylls

the island

I think it is fairly obvious after the events of this season’s pilot episode that it’s not going to be plain sailing for our two, now-splintered groups of survivors. While “posh” group ultimately abandoned their original camp to start afresh after being joined by the other working-class survivors, it seems as though hopes of reconciliation and a united island are pretty futile as things stand. The Island – a survival series hosted by Bear Grylls which pushes 16 ordinary Brits to their limits as they’re left on a barren island and challenged to survive for a month in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world – returns this week in its fifth season.

With the two groups mutually deciding to go separate ways, the working class survivors have kept the already functional camp on the northern side of the beach while the upper-class candidates have left for pastures new – the opposite end of the very same beach. As the cracks within their own respective camps begin to shine through, will the two groups find that they can actually survive on their own, or will they be forced to make compromises and reconcile with one another? With no fresh water source and hunger raising tensions within the camps, it is a question which will be asked of the two groups sooner rather than later.


The Island: With Bear Grylls – Monday 9:00pm on Channel 4.