Preview – The Island: With Bear Grylls

the island

Channel 4’s reality-survival series – headed by former-SAS operative and TV personality Bear Grylls – returns this week in the wake of a fairly emotional episode last week, which left members of both camps in tears – the poorer team’s resident vegetarian, Erance, was forced to break his moral codes and take another being’s life while the upper-class camp’s turning on medical lecturer James, who also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, saw the latter breakdown in an harrowing island soliloquy of sorts.

This episode, hoping to be galvanised by their new-found competitive edge towards their opposite numbers in the so-called “posh” camp, the working class team decide to send out hunting expeditions in an attempt to mend the fractures in the group following the past two weeks’ drama. Further down the beach, the wealthier team – led by art dealer Barnes – construct a raft to go fishing for food on. The raft’s maiden voyage however comes up fruitless and with disastrous consequence as they are met with strong current and riptides on the water.


The Island: With Bear Grylls – Monday 9:00pm on Channel 4.