Preview – The ITV Leaders Debate

Julie Etchingham
ITV Leaders Debate live on ITV at 8pm on Thursday May 18th

When ITV launched the first ever UK General Election leaders debate in 2010, it lead to Nick Clegg getting a sudden raise in popularity and the start of “Cleggmania”. How things have changed.

The most notable thing about this debate is that Conservative leader Theresa May has said that she does not plan to do it, so chance are we might have at least one empty seat. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has also said that he might not do if May won’t, so we might even have two empty seats.

Whatever number of empty seats we have, we will can probably still expect to see some lively debate from the other leaders: Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats, Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish Nationalists, Paul Nuttall from UKIP, Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru and Caroline Lucas from the Green Party. Julie Etchingham chairs the debate.

The ITV Leaders Debate Live on ITV at 8pm on Thursday 18th May.