Preview – The Kettering Incident

The Kettering Incident

No, this has nothing to do with the town in Northamptonshire. This is actually a thriller set in the Kettering on the Australian island of Tasmania.

The Night Manager’s Elizabeth Debicki stars as Anna Macey, who when she was 14 left Kettering after her best friend mysteriously disappeared in the local woods and Anna herself was found covered in blood. 15 years later she is now a doctor in London, but has now returned to Kettering – and is met with hostility by the locals, as she learns that the town is the focus of fighting between loggers and environmentalists. To make things worse, another girl disappears when Anna arrives in town.

One question does pop up a far as I’m concerned – how come an Australian TV show is on Sky Atlantic? Well, the owner of the network is an Aussie, so there’s that I suppose…

The Kettering Incident begins with a double bill on Sky Atlantic at 22.00.