Preview – The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

It has not been the best of times of poor Uhtred whose hot temper and act-first-think-later attitude has resulted in the slaughter of an abbot, betrayal, slavery and narrowly avoiding having his own throat cut by the vengeful Sven. Thankfully, our long-haired Saxon Adonis was rescued in the nick of time by his companions, Ragnar, Hild and their men at arms.

While Uhtred has been in irons in the far North, Alfred has delivered a masterclass in political game play. Far from burning his cakes, Alfred (played by David Dawson) is in full control of the hot plates and moves around his friends and foes to his design with considerable aplomb; he may be a bit of a weed but Alfred is a survivor and Uhtred would save himself much pain if he took a similar path and began to engage the grey matter rather than resort first to brawn.

The Last Kingdom Thursday 9.00pm on BBC 2.

Photo: Katalin Vermes, ©Carnival Film & Television Limited 2017