Preview – The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom, Alexander Dreymon

The Last Kingdom, the ninth-century historical drama set at the time of King Alfred’s struggles against invading Danes, returns to BBC2 tonight.

Having navigated the travails and treachery of season one, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), the vengeance-driven one-time slave now stepson of the murdered warlord Ragnar, has a score to settle.

Last seen heading to the gates of his double-dealing uncle’s stronghold, Uhtred wants his family lands returned and Aelfric is about to find out that his nephew is not a man to be trifled with.

There’s lots of swordplay, blood and intrigue but this is far from a fantasy Games of Thrones clone, The Last Kingdom, adapted from the books by Bernard Cornwell, is a clever saga which charts a period when Britain wasn’t great and was frequently invaded, pillaged and settled by nasty Norse and Danes.   

Tonight, Uhtred crosses paths with old comrade Father Beocca (Ian Hart) in Eoferwic, and finds himself embroiled in a rescue mission that brings him face to face with a bitter enemy.

The Last Kingdom 9.00pm on BBC2.