Preview – The Last Leg: US Election Special

The Last Leg

The show that describes itself as: “Three guys with four legs try to make sense of the week”, are going to have trouble making sense of what has happened in the USA today.

It safe to see that Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are not fans of President-Elect Donald Trump. Over the past few series they have launched “Bricking it for Canada” where they encouraged people to fund the building a wall to prevent fleeing American voters to enter Canada – a project that has reached its target number of bricks. Last year Trump was one of two finalists for their “Dick of the Year” award, losing to Jeremy Hunt.

For once, even their use of a pig race failed to predict the correct winner. One suspects the team might be having bacon for breakfast.

The Last Leg: US Election Special is on Channel 4 at 21.00.