Preview – The Life Swap Adventure

Lilian - The Life Swap Adventure

The idea of packing it all in and trading lives with someone from the other side of the world is something, that I’m sure, has crossed many of our minds.

This is certainly true for a gun enthusiast B&B owner from Alaska and a nurse and military wife from Nottingham who, both approaching retirement, who are this week’s Life swap participants.

B&B owner Leslie dreams of escaping her small time surroundings and nurse Lilian is tired of her unsettled life following her husband’s army tours and wants to start putting down some roots of her own.

Spending two weeks living each other’s lives, will what they deeply desire from their own lives become apparent or will they be dashing to the airport to get a plane straight back home?

The Life Swap Adventure, Sunday, 8 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC