Preview – The Mash Report

The Mash Report
Programme Name: The Mash Report - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Nish Kumar - (C) Endemol Shine UK - Photographer: Nick Millward.

There are many films and radio shows that have been spun-off into TV shows, but this series is a rare example of a website being turned into a TV show.

Based on The Daily Mash, The Mash Report is a satirical comedy presented by Nish Kumar and a range of guest performers including Ellie Taylor, Rachel Parris, Steve N. Allen, Andrew Hunter Murray and Geoff Norcott, presenting their own news parodies.

The Mash Report may have to face up to the challenge that most shows like this have to, which is comparisons to The Daily Show, but if it has an advantage it is that it can’t be worse than ITV’s Nightly Show. For starters the BBC hasn’t moved any old shows to new time slots in order to make room for it.

The Mash Report is on BBC Two at 22.00.