Preview – The Met: Policing London

The Met

This enthralling ride-along with the officers of the Metropolitan Police as they go about their daily/nightly jobs perfectly encapsulates the diverse and challenging situations they confront in any given shift. And it’s timely that this second episode – coming so soon after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack and Theresa May’s decision to deploy armed troops on UK streets – that this episode examines the role armed police play in protecting us and trying to limit the numbers of guns on our streets. 

Whilst they continue the process of recruiting a further 600 firearms officers, one of their most experienced cohorts, Derek (pictured), has nearly 20 years’ experience patrolling London’s streets. He leads his team on a pursuit through London to intercept a car suspected of carrying a gun, a last-resort tactic known as an armed stop.

Gangs are a major problem for police, and in Harlesden a long-running turf war has had horrific consequences. A young man has been shot, an innocent casualty of a violent gang feud. Detectives Hitesh Patel and Paul Connelly work for Trident, the Met’s specialist gang unit. They have focused on one of the most notorious gangs in Harlesden, working undercover to put an end to as many of them as possible and stop the drug trade thriving on the streets of North West London.

The Met: Policing London – Wednesday on BBC 1 at 9.00pm.