Preview: The Met – Policing London

The Met - Policing London

Filmed during 2018, the observational documentary series following the work of the London Metropolitan police, continues. Cameras shadowed Britain’s biggest police force for a year, as they dealt with life and death incidents, crime and its victims.

Tonight’s episode follows the police as they tackle a number of moped crimes across the capital and as they handle the challenge of keeping large crowds safe during the Notting Hill carnival.

In North West London, a young woman is violently mugged for her phone and handbag by two moped thieves, and is rushed to hospital in a critical condition. The investigation is handed to DCI Steve Brownlee who runs a specialist team of detectives tracking down moped criminals. On CCTV they identify two men using the victim’s stolen bank card just fifteen minutes after the attack, but tracking the men down proves to be more difficult.

PCs Andy Reeder and Allan Baker-Perkins are part of a response team that patrol London’s hotspots for moped enabled crime, working with a number of response cars, bikes and a helicopter to chase after the moped thieves. Determined to reduce the number of crimes the unit use a controversial technique called tactical contact – they pursue a man on a moped they believe has stolen some handbags. When the rider refuses to stop, the team chase the driver and stop him by knocking him off his bike and wrestle him to the ground.

Knife crime across the capital is a major concern for the Met’s senior command team overseeing the 2018 Notting Hill Carnival. For the first time in the Carnival’s 50-year history, the Met authorise a Section 60 for the entire duration of the event, giving them the power to stop and search anyone for weapons or drugs without reason to suspect they are, but based on evidence that serious violence may take place. With half a million Londoners wanting to enjoy the event, it’s a tricky balancing act for Gold Commander Dave Musker whose job is to keep the huge carnival crowds safe and prevent any knife attacks.

The Met – Policing London – Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC One.