Preview: The Met – Policing London

PC Naomi Pearce, PC Mahad Abdalla. Photo Steve Brown

Tonight’s episode follows officers in South London as they investigate a serious stabbing which has left a man unconscious; and in North London where the Community Safety Unit look into an allegation of domestic and financial abuse.

While in Ealing, West London, response officers go the aid of a frequent caller complaining about her husband.

In Peckham, South London, a 39 year-old man is found slumped in a passage way with a single stab wound to his heart. When officers arrive at the scene they follow a trail of blood up to a flat, where they find another man injured in bed, and five other men who are all resident there. DS Nigel Tolson from the Murder Investigation team is brought in to investigate. All six men are arrested as suspects and interviewed, but five of the men are soon released except the man found injured in bed. The detectives don’t think his story stands up, but with no forensic evidence, they need to prove he’s lying.

In recent years there has been a rise in domestic abuse cases involving, violent, coercive and controlling behaviour. These cases are dealt with by the Met’s Community Safety Unit and in North London their investigation involves a 47 year-old woman who has made an allegation that she has been emotionally, physically and financially abused by her friend and her friend’s father. It’s a complex case and the team need to assess if the allegations are true and bring the suspects in for questioning.

In Ealing, response officers PCs Naomi Pearce and Mahad Abdalla deal with a frequent caller who has called seven times over the past week to complain about her husband. The response officers go to check on her wellbeing and try to arrange for support to be put in place.

Another call takes them to visit a woman who has just received an email scam trying to blackmail her for money. She refuses to pay but wants the offenders reported so they can’t harass anyone else.

The Met – Policing London – Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC One.

Photo: BBC/Steve Brown.