Preview – The Mighty Redcar

The Mighty Redcar
Picture Shows: Redcar. Image Credit: BBC/72 Films Ltd/Daniel Dewsbury.

This four-part docu-soap follows people from the Teesside seaside town of Redcar (the press are saying “North Yorkshire”, but let’s not kid ourselves).

Filmed over the course of the year, we follow some of the residents of the town, which has been badly affected by the closure of the local steelworks. The people featured include Dylan, a wannabe musician living with his foster mum; Kaitlyn, who dreams of going to a London drama school but the fees are too expensive; and James, the oldest of seven children with his father in prison, who needs to find work to avoid a similar fate.

There is of course the biggest question of all concerning the town: do you pronounce the “a” in “Redcar” or not?

The Mighty Redcar is on BBC Two at 21.00.