Preview: The Name of the Rose

The Name of the Rose - Rupert Everett

The abbot welcomes the delegates to the conference with a lavish supper arranged by the cellerer Remigio. The grand inquisitor Bernard Gui tells the assembled guests that he must concern himself with the sad events at the abbey which stink of the devil. Bernard asks to be introduced to William’s novice Adso and takes a particular interest when told he is German believing him to be a spy sent by the emperor.

Salvatore warns Remigio that they should flee since he is certain that Gui has recognised Remigio, but Remigio cannot believe that Gui would have noticed such a lowly figure as himself. In the woods outside the abbey, the Occitan girl tends to the wounded Anna and is visited by Adso. The conference descends into a brawl with both sides delegates insulting each other with taunts after the Franciscans question how sin can been absolved with the payment of gold to the pope, with William stating that the question was not whether Christ was poor but about the right to legislate in earthly matters. Adso confesses to William that he has had carnal relations with a girl.

The Name of the Rose – Friday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.