Preview – The Nightly Show

The Nightly Show

This week ITV is bringing back some hit shows and starting some new ones. One of these new editions is quite a big one, seeing as how it has taken over the place previously held by News at Ten.

The Nightly Show appears to aiming to be like one of those late night American talk shows; those shows that cover all the topical stuff that we in Britain have seemingly failed to replicate. Each week a different host, with the host for this week being David Walliams (next week is John Bishop), will take a look at the day’s events. It will include comic monologues, interviews with guests, online videos and games.

Given that this show is going out every weeknight, it is certainly a big gamble. If it does work, ITV could have a major success on their hands. If it fails, this blunder could be very costly.

The Nightly Show is on at 22.00 on ITV.