Preview – The Old Man and the Gun

The Old Man and the Gun

Veteran actor Robert Redford delivers a virtuosic performance – in what is purportedly his final role – as he becomes an elderly bank robber in David Lowery’s 2018 crime-drama, The Old Man and the Gun, which is based on the true-story of Forrest Tucker.

Redford’s Forrest Tucker is given admirable support throughout the film by a talented cast including the likes of Sissy Spacek and Casey Affleck, who appear as Tucker’s love-interest, Jewel, and Dallas detective John Hunt respectively. Tika Sumpter joins the cast as Hunt’s wife Doreen alongside Elisabeth Moss who becomes the supposed secret daughter of the incarcerated Forrest Tucker. Thriller icon Danny Glover and Jazz musician Tom Waits also feature.

After making an audacious escape from San Quentin prisoner, 70-year-old Forrest Tucker begins to act out a string of heists that confound the authorities and enchant the public. Wrapped up in the pursuit are detective John Hunt, who is enthralled by Forrest’s craft and ingenuity, and his romantic interest who finds it easy to look past his chosen occupation and offers him a way out of the criminal lifestyle which has taken up such a large part of his life.

The Old Man and the Gun – Available on Sky Store now.