Preview: The Pact

The Pact - season 2

Series two of The Pact tells a brand new story about a compelling group of characters, all struggling with morality, loyalty and faith as their lives spiral out of control.

Christine Rees (Rakie Ayola) and her adult children – Megan (Mali Ann Rees), Will (Lloyd Everitt) and Jamie (Aaron Anthony) – are still processing the loss of their beloved son and brother Liam, when they are contacted by a mysterious stranger who claims to be a fifth, previously unknown, Rees sibling.

Although siblings Jamie and Megan are open to having the stranger in their lives, their protective and impulsive older brother Will is suspicious of his intentions.

Meanwhile, Megan is preparing to marry the man of her dreams, Gethin (Jacob Ifan) – but is she truly ready to settle down?

Christine is fiercely devoted to her family, and her caring nature carries into her career as a social worker. As client Kayla (Kristy Phillips) confides in her about struggling to cope during her pregnancy, Christine shares her own empty-nest worries with colleague Beth (Lisa Palfrey). When she finds out about the stranger, she calls up old friend Kate (Elizabeth Bennington) to get intel on his background. It seems like she knows more than she’s letting on, which leads to divided feelings and loyalties.

What is Christine hiding from her family?

The Pact – Monday at 9.00pm on BBC One.

Image: BBC/Little Door Productions/Steve Ridgway.