Preview: The Pact

The Pact - Christine (Rakie Ayola)

Tensions are sky high as Megan’s (Mali Ann Rees) wedding day has finally arrived. However, on what should be the most joyous occasion, the Rees family find themselves thrust into a shocking series of events.

Connor (Jordan Wilks) turns up uninvited and armed with some damning information. While Christine (Rakie Ayola) is doing her best to keep it together, who can predict what Connor’s next move will be?

Beth (Lisa Palfrey) is still adamant that the children’s long-lost father is the key to settling Connor’s claims, but despite her best efforts Christine continues to shut her down, and an attempt to get information out of Kate (Elizabeth Berrington) proves just as futile.

After the recent revelations about Connor, Jamie (Aaron Anthony) no longer wants him in their lives. The night goes from bad to worse after Connor tries to confront him and mend their relationship, forcing Christine to step up in order to show just how far she is willing to go to protect her kids – and to make sure no one else finds out about the secrets held by Connor.

The Pact – Monday at 9.00pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

Image: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway.

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