Preview: The Pact

The Pact

An official investigation begins into Connor’s disappearance, and DS Pritchard (Matthew Gravelle) is intent on uncovering the truth. Christine (Rakie Ayola) must pull off her most masterful show of lies and deception as she ties up loose ends and sets out to cover the families tracks.

Worried that Kate (Elizbeth Berrington) could become a liability if the police come knocking, Christine pays her friend a visit.

The pressure is impacting everyone, and the siblings come to blows when Jamie (Aaron Anthony) decides to make a rash decision that could destroy their pact. Once tensions bubble over, the siblings finally have a breakthrough, opening up to each other for the first time since Liam died.

Meanwhile Gethin (Jacob Ifan) and Sam (Rebekah Murrell) grow tired of their partners’ secrets and lies, leaving Megan (Mali-Ann Rees) and Will (Lloyd Everitt) to deal with the fallout.

A damning discovery in the police investigation threatens to expose everything.

The Pact

Monday at 9.00pm on BBC One.

Image: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway.

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