Preview: The Pale Horse

Rufus Sewell mystifies as Mark Easterbrook in this Agatha Christie adaptation. Photo: BBC/ Mammoth Screen

In 1960s London, the successful Mark Easterbrook has everything he could dream of, with a beautiful wife and perfect home. Scratch beneath the surface though, and he is still stricken with his first wife Delphine’s untimely death.

When his name is found on a list in a dead woman’s shoe, everything falls apart. Why did Jessie Davies die, and how does her death connect to a string of other mysterious deaths leading to the quaint English countryside?

A quiet village known as Much Deeping seems to be idyllic, but under the surface it holds old traditions, macabre rituals and strange beliefs; a place of witches, curses and spells, there is more here than meets the eye. The first of a two-parter, will Mark keep his senses or succumb to the pull of a world out-of-time?

The Pale Horse – Sunday at 10pm on BBC Four