Preview: The People v Climate Change

v Climate Change

Britain has made big promises about reducing our impact on the planet, but getting there means huge changes to our everyday lives. In this surprising and funny documentary, we follow members of the UK’s first ever Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change, where 108 ordinary Brits are tasked with deciding what we should do to meet our climate change goals. 

Organised by Parliament, this historic event sees members of the public grapple with big questions about our future. As the assembly members learn the science of climate change from experts and hear Sir David Attenborough thank them for giving up their time for this task, they begin to realise the huge significance of the decisions they must make. 

The film follows seven assembly members from all over the UK, who each bring their own perspective to the climate change debate. Sue, an ex-fishmonger from Bath, is shocked to learn the science of climate change, and when floods hit the UK she begins to understand how close to home these issues can be and resolves to make personal changes.

Through this cast of warm, funny Brits, we understand the challenge we all face in the effort to reduce climate change and start to see what the future might look like in a greener world.

The People v Climate Change – Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two