Preview – The Planets: The Two Sisters – Earth & Mars

The Planets 2
Picture Shows: 3.7 billion years, ago Mars entered a new epoch, where the most catastrophic flooding the Solar System has ever seen resulted in waterfalls up to 4 km high. Image Credit:BBC Studios.

The second episode of Brian Cox’s series looks at the story of Mars.

Prof. Cox shows us how the Red Planet was the early front-runner when it came to a world possible of sustaining life, having oceans, a climate and an atmosphere that was more suitable for Earth’s at the time, but all of that changed during a period known as the “Late Heavy Bombardment”.

There is also an examination of our attempts to explore Mars, a look at how we might be able to travel to it, and whether or not Mars ever did develop life.

The Planets is on BBC Two at 21.00.