Preview – The Real Marigold Hotel

Season two cast -The Real Marigold Hotel

The group of senior citizens continue to settle into their new life in India, testing whether retirement in their communal mansion is an ideal way to live out their golden years. In celebration of Amanda Barrie’s birthday, they head out to experience local culture attending one of the local theatre performances.

As with most senior citizens, the group have a mix of medical conditions and impairments that make a life in India slightly more challenging. Whilst participating in a yoga session, Amanda’s vertigo is triggered and she is taken to one of the city’s most advanced hospitals.

Wanting to explore the country’s health benefits Lionel Blair, who has also had health issues in the past, investigates Ayurveda, an alternative Indian medicine, while Bill Oddie takes a wildlife trip into the jungle and reveals how exploring the natural world has helped with his mental health problems.

A trip to India is not complete without a visit to one of its many beautiful temples – to finish off the week the elders take advance of their new location and visit one of India’s most spectacular temples. T0 make a similar journey in the UK, this may involve an in-country flight, but for the seniors it’s a journey that involves a 13-hour overnight train and a very shady taxi ride.

The Real Marigold Hotel, Wednesday, 9pm – BBC One