Preview – The Secret Life of a Zoo

Lion - The Secret Life of a Zoo

The Secret Life of The Zoo, Channel 4’s observational documentary series (returning tonight for a second run), lets us marvel at the remarkable behaviour of animals and offers a close insight into the lives of Chester Zoo’s inhabitants.

Using micro-rig cameras, the fascinating behavioural traits of the animals are captured in impeccable detail. With the non-intrusive way of documenting, all the intimate moments between the animals are captured.

Series two will feature more cameras, and further interviews with the staff and keepers about their relationships and friendships with the animals in their care.

From the complicated birth of a baby zebra, to the migration of elephants and moving of the Zoo’s python, the new series promises to be as engaging and revealing as its predecessor.

Watch the new trailer here

The Secret Life of The Zoo is back on the 17 November at 8pm on Channel 4