Preview – The Secret Life of Dogs

The Secret Life of Dogs

They’re loyal, loving and dependable. ITV’s new three part series explains why dogs truly are a man’s best friend.

Examining the latest scientific evidence, it is revealed that dogs are in fact born with the ability to understand and adapt to human behaviour. Every dog is unique and their undying loyalty means that they are more like people than was ever thought possible.

This series travels over the world uncovering the most remarkable stories of owner and dog and how the animals have an exceptional skill for reading human behaviour. In the first episode we meet eight-week old Labrador puppy, Tweed, who was born with the instinct to make eye contact.  Already forming a close bond with young owner Loki, Tweed follows his gaze rather than his command.

In Malta, jack Russell Titti was adopted by owner Carmelo at four-months-old; Titti not only follows Carmelo around the Island but has taken up his passion for Cliff diving. The pair have now been diving together for over six years. Continuing on the theme of extreme dog sports, border collie Chaser takes to the skies, paragliding with partner Stephen.

Dogs not only make the best companions but also have the ability to change human lives. A Japanese akita keeps a close eye on owner Robert and she is able to recognise the early warning signs for his unexplained blackouts. In America 11-year-old Bella has Morquio Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that means she would normally spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. However, due to her close bond with great dame, George, Bella is able to walk leaning on George for assistance.

The Secret Life of Dogs, Tuesday, 9pm – ITV