Preview – The Secret Life of Five Year Olds

The Secret Life of Five Year Olds

Bafta award-nominated and hugely popular with TV audiences, The Secret Life of Five Year Olds has offered an intimate and often hilarious insight into that forgotten time before our own brains conformed to the norms of modern life.

This time, as a new intake of fascinating five-year-olds arrive for work and play, the programme explores the difference between boys and girls, seeing how they interact with each other, how their sense of gender roles is ingrained at such a young age, and whether there is a marked difference in their behaviour.

How will the boys and girls react to identical experiments and stunts when they are tested separately?

Will they choose to take the same risks in a penalty shoot-out? Who will have more tact when they drink salted lemonade that Kate made? And how do boys really think girls run?

Only children can be so brutally honest and uninhibited.

The Secret Life of Five Year Olds Thursday 8.00pm on Channel 4