Preview – The Secret Life of the Zoo

The secret life of the zoo

With spring in the air, this episode of The Secret Life of the Zoo takes a closer look into the lives of the young and new born inhabitants of Chester Zoo.

Young giraffe mum Tula gives birth after a 13-month pregnancy, but as she gave birth to a still born last year, the keepers are anxious about her condition.

Over by the pools, this year’s brood of penguin chicks are about to take their first steps into adult life and join the rest of the penguins in the main pool. Once they make the transition, they will have to compete with the adults for their food so to help them prepare, the keepers teach the group the essential survival skill, how to catch fish.

The young penguins aren’t the only ones branching away from their parents; baby gibbon Eko is learning how to swing between the ropes for himself after clinging to his mum Tilu, for the first six months.

Finally Komodo dragon Mezcal, one of Chester Zoo most prized animals, must also face her fears of the visiting public. She is wary of leaving her house, so keepers try to tempt her out with a hearty chicken dinner.

The Secret Life of the Zoo, Tuesday, 8pm – Channel 4