Preview: The Secret Life of the Zoo

This Kenyan antelope has too much on the mind. Photo: Channel4

At Chester Zoo, Cheshire, the keepers must encourage a pair of bongos to mate; but there’s a reason this pair of Kenyan antelopes can’t seem to get into the mood.

Frank and Frankie, the zoo’s resident crocodiles, urgently need a blood test: something much easier said than done, considering the patient is the world’s largest and most dangerous reptile.A family of silver-eared mesias get evicted from their home by a storm, and urgently need some love and support.

A Malagasy giant rat called George is in need of immediate surgery on his tummy. The keepers have a lot of characters to look after, and we get to learn what goes on behind the safari-screen to keep things running smoothly.

The Secret Life of the Zoo – 8pm on Channel 4