Preview: The Secret Life of the Zoo

Secret Life of the Zoo
Baby calf Indall is in need of a specially developed treatment for a virus that has already claimed her siblings. Photo: Channel 4

Looking back on some memorable moments from Chester Zoo, and the veterinary issues faced by the beloved animals there. It’s down to the 93 keepers to get to the bottom of health issues as they develop.

The Asian elephants are recovering from a spate of devastating deaths after two calves succumbed to a deadly variant of herpes virus. Thanks to constant monitoring, the youngest calf, two-month old Indall, tests positive for the virus, but a world-first specially developed treatment could give her a fighting chance.

Calman lizard Gary insists on diving headfirst into a pool, even when it’s empty. Can the vet find a reason for this self-injuring behaviour? Shan-Shan the camel is off her food, and a very complex and threatening illness is the culprit.

Male clownfish Polo gets injured fighting for the attention of female, Rosie, and spends some time in isolation – but seeing as clownfish can change sex at will, his time alone could be transformative.

The Secret Life of the Zoo – Saturday at 3.30pm on Channel 4