Preview – The Secret Life of the Zoo

Secret Life of the Zoo

Opening its doors once more to allow unprecedented access into the unseen lives of its inhabitants, Chester Zoo allows Channel 4 to return for the new series of The Secret Life of the Zoo.

The show, which uses hidden cameras to capture the animals most intimate behaviour also allows viewers to see the workings of the zoo and hear from the keepers that keep the place running day-to-day.

Tonight viewers are in for a shock when Pedro the giant anteater who, just as he is to be reunited with his long-term partner Bliss, falls ill and faces a major operation, with an uncertain outcome.

The zoo’s extremely rare bald ibises produce a batch of new chicks, who are destined to be released back into the wild in southern Spain. One of them, Britney, is critically underweight and must be hand-reared, but the carers must be careful she doesn’t become too attached as this may prevent her return to the wild.

Tonight we also meet rhino couple Beni and Asha have been kept separate for four years while mum Asha has been raising their daughter, Komala. But now Komala is leaving home, and the couple are to be reunited once again.

Over in the insect hatchery, Natasha the orchid mantis has caused a crisis, by eating all but one male mantises in the zoo.. Now the hopes of breeding more of these rare insects rest with two-centimetre-long Bruce, who must attempt to mate with Natasha. With all hopes resting on this partnership, will it all end in disaster?

The Secret Life of the Zoo, Tuesday, 8pm – Channel 4