Preview – The Secrets of Growing Old

The Secrets of Growing Old

As medicine improves, life expectancy rises and with it, the retirement age. ITV’s, The Secrets of Growing Old, turns the perception of ageing on its head, highlighting remarkable individuals who have used their ageing bodies to their advantage.

It has been said that a staggering 80% of the way we age is down to how we choose to live our lives. This is certainly true for Daredevil Dilys who is the oldest woman in the world skydiving and has jumped over 1,100 times.

In this episode we also meet 96-year-old Charles Eugster, who overweight and unhealthy at middle age, drastically transformed and improved his fitness and has since broken athletic world records. He now has the body and lifestyle of a man 30 years his senior.

The Secrets of Growing Old, Friday, 9pm – ITV Three

Image: ITV