Preview – The Secrets of your Food

James Wong - The Secrets of your Food

Returning to peel back the layers of the food we eat, Michael Mosley and James Wong tackle the sensations, tastes and flavours we enjoy so much when eating our favourite food.

From strawberries that trick you into thinking they are sweeter than they are, to the new craze of adding salt to our favourite sweets, this episode unpicks the science and evolution of our food and how our bodies respond to the taste and smell.

Tonight Michael visits Spain to search for some of the most powerful tastes on the planet, whilst James travels high in the Peruvian Andes to discover how a bitter potato has been altered to help the inhabitants survive the extreme altitude. Using the latest imaging techniques to take us inside our food, right down to the molecular level, Michael and James offer us a whole new way of thinking about taste: far more than being just delicious, it’s actually a matter of survival.

The Secrets of your Food, Friday, 9pm – BBC Two