Preview – The Secrets of your Food

James Wong, The Secrets of Your Food

Continuing on the theme of uncovering the truth behind the food we eat, BBC Two’s new documentary series, The Secrets Of Your Food, uncovers the scientific story behind what is on your plate.

Presenters Michael Mosley and James Wong inspect the physics, chemistry and biology behind our favourite foods. Travelling around the world they source food from its original origin and use the UK’s leading food lab to deconstruct our favourite meals, uncovering every layer right down to the basic molecules. Titled We Are What We Eat, this episode examines how the chemicals inside our food feed and build our bodies.

Although the world is full of different cuisines, Michael and James show that when stripped back to their basic elements, they are the same handful of ingredients that our bodies need to survive.

It is widely understood that are bodies need carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals to keep functioning- but Michael and James discover plenty of surprises as they seek to understand exactly why every molecule is important for the way our bodies work.

The Secrets Of Your Food, Friday, 9pm – BBC Two