Preview: The Sex Business – Me and My Sex Doll

Me and My Sex Doll


Surely there can be nothing more dead behind the eyes than a sex doll? And unless you’ve tuned in to Love Island recently, you’d be forgiven for believing this to be true.

In tonight’s hour-long exploration of how people buy, sell and market sex,  doll aficionados and retailers reveal why £5,000 sex toys will revolutionise the nation.

There is something discomforting and creepy about the whole industry;  from the physical product to the actual market and desires of consumers. Concerns over objectification, control and dehumanisation don’t seem to be on the radar here, as we follow mum of four Jade Stanley as she runs her sex doll business – which includes rentals, blurgh!

The Sex Business is a fascinating strand as it offers us an insight into a world we wouldn’t normally go near with a barge pole and consistently surprises by shining a light on everyday people who have anything but everyday jobs and pastimes. 

The Sex Business – Me and My Sex Doll – Monday at 10.00pm on Channel 5.