Preview – The Sheriffs Are Coming

The Sheriffs are coming

The Sheriffs Are Coming sees a team of High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs in short) tackle a number of troublesome debtors who refuse to comply with County and High Court judgements. The show returns to BBC1 this week in the form of four hour-long reversions of the latest series.

In the first of four compilation programmes shows the best bits from the latest series. This episode sees Rob and Gerald track down the manager of a Spanish company which owes thousands of pounds to three claimants while elsewhere Lawrence and Kev go after a dodgy mechanic who has swindled a car-enthusiast out of his money.

A fiery confrontation breaks out as the Sheriffs try to remove a debtor’s valuable Range Rover from a car garage and they are forced to get the clamps out to force a builder to pay up the money he owes to a 90-year-old and his daughter.


The Sheriffs Are Coming – Wednesday 8:00pm on BBC1.