Preview – The Sky at Night: 60th Anniversary Special

The Sky at Night
(C) BBC/Victoria Weaver

This was originally broadcast over the weekend, but with it being such an iconic show it is worth highlighting again, with it being repeated tonight.

The monthly astronomical show has been going since 1957. The show may have outlived its original host Sir Patrick Moore, but there is no denying what humanity has been able to achieve in terms of our knowledge of space. When the series began intelligent life on Mars was still believed by many, man had yet to walk on the Moon, and the Big Bang theory was a radical, controversial idea. Now we have discovered black holes and planets orbiting other stars.

The modern day presenters, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Chris Lintott, look back at the history of the show, what discoveries have been made, and what we might discover in the future.

The Sky at Night: 60th Anniversary Special is on BBC Four at 20.00, and is currently available on BBC iPlayer.