Preview – The Sweet Makers: A Victorian Treat

Paul, Diana, Dr Annie Gray, Andy, Cynthia

The 21-century confectioner’s Victorian sweet quest draws to a close tonight. The early 20th-century was the first time children really got their hands on cheap sweets and as a result, the Victorian’s were crazy for as many boiled sweets as they could afford.

Using traditional recipes and ingredients, the confectioners make an array of sweets, rose rock and lemon drops to barley sugar twists, fruit pastilles and creamy toffees, before moving on to chocolate egg boxes that feature in their Victorian style Easter egg hunt.

For the sweet makers it has been an extraordinary journey looking back over more than 350 years of sugar and, without the Victorian’s love for anything sweet, we probably wouldn’t be as addicted to the sweet stuff ourselves.

The Sweet Makers: A Victorian Treat, Wednesday, 8 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC