Preview – The Truth About Looking Good

The Truth About Looking Good

In a startling expose of the UK’s fashion and cosmetics industries, Cherry Healy explores why Britain is so dependent on beauty products and the media and marketing’s role in perpetuating such a vain and superficial society. With 9 billion being spent on cosmetic surgery and beauty products across the country each year, this BBC documentary looks at science behind the products and asks how many actually work as they are advertised to.

Cherry Healy meets up with a group of independent scientists and experts of their fields to find out the truth about the beauty industry and how to look good. Staring of in Sheffield, Cherry meets a group of researchers to explore the hidden effects of moisturisers before travelling to Manchester to see, first hand, how anti-aging products stand up to wrinkles and the shocking effects of sun damage. Beauty journalist Sali Hughes shows how you can cut the cost on your make-up bags without sacrificing quality and Cherry begins to ponder the psychology which seems to have made us dependent as a society on cosmetics.


The Truth About Looking Good – Tuesday 10:45pm on BBC1.