Preview – The Truth About Stress

Fiona Phillips, Andy - The Truth About Stress

No longer defined through sleepless nights, stress has been named the ‘health epidemic’ of the 21st century by the World Health Organisation.

With increasing pressures caused by a modern-day life, it is becoming increasingly harder to switch off. Experts have stated that stress can contribute to life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, dementia and types of cancer.

In this documentary Fiona Philips explores the latest scientific causes behind stress and hopes to demonstrate techniques that will tackle stress factors head on.

Alongside a team of experts, and a number of willing volunteers, Fiona immusres herself into a range of high-stress situations to gain an understanding of the meaning of stress and its power – something we should all consider in our day-to-day lives.

The Truth About Stress, Thursday, 9pm – BBC One

Image: BBC