Preview – The UK’s Strongest Man 2016

The UK's Strongest Man 2016

The days when Geoff Capes was the World’s Strongest Man are long gone. That title is currently held by American Brian Shaw.

In terms of the UK’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall from Stoke was the winner of the 2015 contest, so he has a title to defend. Channel 5 is the home of strongman contests these days, and tonight they start their coverage of the 2016 UK’s Strongest Man with Hall beginning in the quarter finals.

Will he retain the title or not, you can find out by watching the show tonight… or just looking the result up online. This contest was actually held a few months ago and what Channel 5 is showing are highlights. You think that they would be better off showing the actual live competition – it’s got to better than most the stuff Channel 5 normally show.

The UK’s Strongest Man 2016 is on Channel 5 at 19.00.