Preview – The Victim

The Victim

Fifteen years after her son’s murder, Anna Dean arrives at Edinburgh High Court for the start of a major court case – but who is on trial? After the detectives on the case make a string of startling revelations and the man thought to be responsible is found brutally beaten, it soon becomes clear that there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Kelly MacDonald and James Harkness become foils of one another in this four-part series as they star as the vengeful mother of a young boy killed 15 years prior, Anna Dean, and the man accused of his murder, Craig Myers, respectively. John Hannah and Joanne Thomson support MacDonald and Harkness as detectives Grover and Harvey while Isis Hainsworth and Zak Leyni feature elsewhere.

After the suspect in a murder enquiry is accused online of being notorious child-killer Eddie J. Turner and is subsequently found in a critical condition after a brutal attack, DI Grover believes all of the evidence points towards a grieving mother, Anna Dean, but finds his senior officers intent on blocking his enquiries. As the series flits between a high-profile court case in the present day and the stories of both parties six-months earlier, shocking secrets and scandalous revelations begin to come to light.

The Victim – Monday 9:00pm on BBC One.