Preview: The Walk-in

Andrew Ellis as Robbie in The Walk-In

The Walk-in was always going to be a challenging watch due to the sensitivity of subject matter: far right extremism and the resurgence in Neo-Nazi activism. Central to it is Stephen Graham’s character – reformed racist turned journalist/anti fascist, Matthew Collins.

Tonight, through flashback, we get to see where the teenage Collins came from and how entwined he had been in the activities of the far right. It is not comfortable viewing but it helps contextualises the moral dilemma that whistle blower Robbie Mullen (Andrew Ellis) finds himself in when he learns of National Action plans to murder the Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

This series is based on real events and with that knowledge it is difficult to feel empathy for either Collins or Mullen for what they have been party to in the past, but as a piece of drama this is riveting.

The Walk-In – Monday at 9.00pm on ITV.