Preview – The Wedding Day

The Wedding

The Wedding Day is an unflashy fly-on-the-wall docu-soap that looks behind the pomp and ritual of one wedding to unveil British attitudes to marriage, through two very different families. It’s a documentary really, but you know whenever a wedding is subject of the film soap-style personality clashes, emotional turmoil and pre-hitch anxiety are never far away.

The soon-to-be happy couple, Serena and Jordan, a bright, ambitious couple in their twenties, come from contrasting backgrounds: Serena is from a wealthy Cambridgeshire family while Jordan comes from a more modest background in Stoke. Serena’s parents are divorced, Jordan’s are still together. For the first time in years the entire family will all be in the same room but this time with new girlfriends and step-parents.

The Wedding Day is an interesting study of the importance of the event (wedding) over the reality of what marriage actually means.

The Wedding Day – Monday 10.00pm, Channel 4