Preview – The Week We Went Wild

Marc, Nathan, Megan and Dawn - The Week We Went Wild

Usually, when you think of a family therapy session, you picture in your mind’s eye a white room with comfy sofas and tea and biscuits. However, this is not the case for four families taking part in the new Channel 5 show, The Week We Went Wild.  

In desperate need to reconnect with one another, each family is sent off-grid. Deprived of modern necessities, the group are forced to face their differences and support each other if they hope to survive the week unscathed.

In the first episode, we meet Marc, Nathan, Megan and their mother Dawn as they spend five days ‘healing’ in the Panamanian jungle. At the age of 26, Marc is bitter towards his mother and her life choices having mothered eight children with six different men. Alongside more pressing matters – a crocodile infested river – they confront their issues head on in the hope of mending their relationship.

The Week We Went Wild, Mondays, 10.00pm – Channel 5

Image courtesy of Channel 5