Preview – The World’s Most Expensive Christmas

Nathan Harrison - World's most expensive Christmas

For most Christmas is about having some time off and catching up with family over a glass or three. But for some, the London elite, Christmas is a time to splash the cash with bespoke bling that of course comes at a prize – £615,000 for a diamond star to twinkle at the top of the 10ft tree… what happens if a slightly over-merry relative knocks it off?

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas, a documentary following the suppliers who work with the super rich, offers the inside scoop on the spending habits of those who see life in the billions and those, like Frances Hallworth-Noble and her company, London Concierge, who can get just about anything for their clients as long as the offer the right price.

From a £250,000 budget for the Christmas flowers alone to a diamond USB memory stick that will set you back £22,950, all the rich seem to want this Christmas is to stand out from their friends and offer their families the most luxurious Christmas yet, whatever the cost.

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas – 14 December, Channel 4 at 10pm