Preview – The World’s Most Expensive Toys

The World's Most Expensive Toys

When young children are in the picture, Christmas day is over within an hour or two. Once the excitement of opening presents to reveal plastic toys has worn off and, when many toys lay broken amongst piles of wrapping paper, their attention quickly moves onto the empty boxes that have some use in them yet… well that’s how the day planned out in my house anyway.   

However, in the houses of the super rich, there is no Argos catalogue in sight and don’t even start with the B word! (Bargain) The World’s Most Expensive Toys  rips open the wrapping on the extravagant toys that cost almost as much as your average house deposit!

From a bespoke dolls house that will set you back £25,000 and a rocking horse covered with over 8000 Swarovski crystals to a 20mph electric car, that for a mere £30,000, will have the sprogs zooming around their exceedingly large bedrooms – this documentary will have just questioning, but why?

The World Most Expensive Toys – available on 4 on demand until 22 January 2017